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Welcome to this learning environment of Catholic Education Flanders. Through this learning environment we support you in the realization of your curriculum.


As a tutor, we focus on blended learning  to support you in the realization of your curriculum . This means that we professionalise you via a learning path that consists of:

  • independent sessions : you follow the session digitally yourself or with your team at a time that suits you.

  • contact moments : you discuss these with your tutor, this can be done both live and digitally.


The structure of the learning path is as follows:

  1. generic session : you independently or in a team explore the training concept, the curriculum concept, the principles and the structure of the curricula.

  2. basic session assignments : you learn what is specific to your curriculum, with possible processing and / or moments foreseen.

  3. in-depth session : you establish the link between your curriculum and your classroom practice. You complete this learning path with an online and / or physical contact moment with your tutor.

We wish you a pleasant exploration.

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